Top Marks

Another threatened school wins top marks from Ofsted

Belmont Special School in Cheltenham was one of a small number of schools in Gloucestershire singled out for special praise by Ofsted. Mr Tomlinson, who is Chief Inspector of Schools in England, said: "These schools show what can be achieved. It's important their success is recognised. These schools have each received an outstanding inspection report and have performed well in national tests and exams."

Headteacher Mark Bell said: "This accolade makes us more determined than ever to continue with our mission of making Belmont a valuable and valued centre of excellence. It's a vital resource for partnership working with colleagues in local mainstream schools. Without the 110 per cent effort on the part of everyone, we wouldn't be celebrating this achievement."

Hugh Thurbon, the chairman of the school's governors, said: "At the moment, the one thing uppermost in the minds of teachers in MLD schools in the county is their career and families. Given that, it's absolutely fantastic to see what they've done. The worry of all parents is that this expertise demonstrated at Belmont is in danger of dissipating."


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