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Government says "Don't close Special Schools."

The Education Minister responsible for Special Educational Needs, Jacqui Smith has issued a request to county councils not to close Special Schools. Whilst confirming the commitment to greater inclusion, the Government also wanted children to be offered the choice of a special school or unit. Echoing GSSPL Policy, she said, "There are very many parents who feel they want their children to have some of the social and educational benefits of being in a mainstream school. However, there are also other parents of children for whom specialist provision in a special school or a unit, perhaps attached to a mainstream school is right." Later in her statement she said that she wanted special schools to become centres of excellence and expertise, a resource that mainstream teachers could call upon for advice and training. We can only hope her parties local County Councilors were listening for a change!

Blair backs Special Schools

On a recent visit to Gloucestershire in response to a question from a GSSPL member, the Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed his support for Special Schools.


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