Dudley Special Schools Protection League

Parents action group fighting Special School closures in the London Borough of Bromley.

A site run by parents of pupils of Winchelsea School in Poole, Dorset fighting closure by their LEA.

Parental action group based in Richmond Upon Thames.

Save our Schools, bulletin board of parental group fighting special school closures in Leicester.

Parents fighting to save the Leas School in Clacton.

Parents fighting to save Kingsdown School in Eastwood, Essex

Follow our campaign in the pages of The Gloucestershire Echo and The Citizen on this award winning regional newspaper site.

The Times Educational Supplement is a good place to keep track of the latest educational news and developments.

Keep up to date on the latest government policies and initiatives.

DfEE's new parents centre. Not a lot new yet, but an easier way to find things and a lot of useful links to SEN Organisations.

Our special schools are proud of their very good Ofsted reports.

Foundation for People with Learning Difficulties

People with learning difficulties should have the right to make choices about their own lives.

Good general information site.

The National Association for Special Educational Needs

In NASEN's view, Inclusion is not a simple concept, restricted to issues of placement. It's definition has to encompass broad notions of educational access and recognise the importance of catering for diverse needs.

Inclusion is a process not a state.

Autism Independent UK
(formerly SFTAH)

The Society exists to bring an increased awareness of autism to the notice of all, together with well established and newly developed approaches in the diagnosis, assessment, education and treatment. The main goal is to improve the quality of life for persons with Autism, giving them a chance to take their rightful place within their local community where they can live, work and play, like everybody else.

British Dyslexia Association

The BDA is the national organisation for dyslexia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with 130 Local Dyslexia Associations and Dyslexia Support Groups, and with professional Corporate Members.

The Dyslexia Institute

The Dyslexia Institute (DI) is an educational charity, founded in 1972, for the assessment and teaching of people with dyslexia and for the training of teachers. It has grown to become the only national dyslexia teaching organisation in the world.

Association of Workers for Children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

The National body for EBD professionals have recently debated the subject of inclusion and the first two pages of their Newsletter is devoted to the subject. They go right to the heart of the subject with the question "What are we trying to achieve by inclusion". The then go on to rationalise "Why Inclusion". If we are committed to the best possible education of all children, it must surely follow that inclusion is only right if this is what it achieves. But we must challenge the over simple view that keeping children in mainstream is a good thing in itself.

Tewkesbury Web

Contact a Family - assistance for families with disabled children.

A lot of good information on choosing a school and schooling problems. Not compatible with all browsers.


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