Public Meeting

Tewkesbury Public Meeting

A packed public meeting at Tewkesbury Town Hall on Wednesday 20th September heard a moving speech from 16 year old Karen Walters describing how after years of torment in mainstream school her life had been transformed when she moved to Alderman Knight School. Not only was she happier in the new environment, but her achievements were clearly shown by 6 GCSE 'O' level passes. She is now continuing her studies in the Sixth Form College at Tewkesbury School. Other speakers including Tewkesbury MP Lawrence Robertson and County Councilor Gordon Shurmer were strongly critical of the County Council's current policy of compulsory inclusion for MLD children. AKS Headmaster, Ieuan Walsh, then outlined the changing and expanding role he saw for the County's Area Special Schools within a more inclusive education system.

The meeting had opened with the Landlord of King John's Tavern in Tewkesbury presenting a cheque for 1,000 which they had raised to support the fighting fund. It was clear from the contributions made by irate parents and educationalists in the audience that this money will be put to good use as the fight to save not just Alderman Knight, but all the county's other special schools is intensified over the next year.

One result of the Public Meeting is the new
'Have Your Say' page on this site. We hope that this information will make it easier for parents and concerned members of the public to forward their views to the people and bodies concerned with this issue.


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