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On these pages we represent the views of other people on both the Gloucestershire SEN Development Plan specifically and inclusion in general. As we have collected a large number of comments, they are organised into broad groups. Naturally, most of these comments are broadly in agreement with our position, but we have also included comments from some pro-inclusion organisations. We have always stated that inclusion is not the issue, but it must be done properly and it must be accepted that it is not going to be the best solution for all children. In particular, we would urge supporters of inclusion to look at the Consortium on Inclusive Schooling Practices framework document. If you judge Gloucestershire’s plans against these guidelines, you will find they fail on almost every count.

The Human Rights Issue

Recently, the CSIE published a paper claiming all special schools should be closed, because they were supporting discrimination against the disabled. For pupils with learning difficulties and their parents the real human rights issue is the right to a good education. Last year the two positions were tested in the New Zealand High Court when a group of parents challenged the legality of their Governments Special Education 2000 Policy. Below is the opening paragraph of the judgement in favour of the parents.

Children with special needs have the same rights as other children to receive education. This right may be satisfied by enrolling the special needs child in a mainstream school. However, it cannot be assumed that mainstreaming will satisfy the child's right to receive education. The enormous variation in the education requirements of special needs children means that there must be a focus on each individual's learning requirements.”

The Government has since appealed against this ruling and the outcome of this is expected shortly. Click here for more information.

Some more views are provided on the following pages.



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Diana Organ Labour MP for the Forest of Dean interviewed by Mark Cummings on BBC Radio Gloucestershire.


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