"These proposals [Gloucestershire SEN draft Development Plan] are a recipe for disaster."

Les Buchcanan, Chairman of Governors, Tewkesbury School

"I felt I was being bullied into toeing a line I didn't really want to. I find it impossible to believe that you can successfully educate all children with special needs in mainstream schools. It was a major step for me to take to resign from the group."
Glos. County Councillor John Rawson, explaining his resignation from the Liberal Democrat Group, Gloucester Citzen 9/3/2000

John was the first councillor to break party lines on this issue and has since become a leading supporter of our campaign. We would also like to express our thanks Councillor Albert Cook who subsequently defied the Labour Group whip and opposed the plan. It only requires a few more councillors translate their misgivings into opposition to defeat these plans.

Gloucestershire’s S.E.N. Development Plan is concerned with ideology and dogma not logic or reason. Its declared policy of “inclusion” is merely rhetoric, which rests on a sociological desire not to leave anyone out. Its declared intent seems to rest on the premise that the primary function of a school community is social. Children with moderate learning difficulties, however, have a far greater requirement of their school, which is the provision of an appropriate learning community. This community should be one that will promote their learning.

Dr. Chris Shervy, Governor of Alderman Knight School



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